Guerrilla Ed(ucation)

Learn how to teach your children at home; confidently, consistently, and with a fully qualified professional to guide you



Guerrilla Ed(ucation)

“Education not indoctrination!”

Things have been going wrong in our education system for a very, very long time. Schools are now little more than indoctrination centres where students are taught to comply, memorise, and regurgitate.

This is not education.

The solution?
Learn how to teach your children at home, confidently, consistently, and with a fully qualified professional to guide you.

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This website has been designed to assist parents in their Home Education Journey, from the very first ‘withdrawal from school’ letter, through to co-designing and directing their son/daughter’s academically rigorous, individually tailored, and genuinely engaging curriculum.

Designed by you, for you… yes, for BOTH of you.

It will also help develop knowledge and understanding of some of the most important academic subjects, plus valuable – nay, VITAL – skills to enable you to home educate to a professional standard and will guide you to other high-quality teaching and learning resources that your son/daughter will need to support their individual talents and specialisms.

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Guerrilla Ed(ucation)


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Rescue your children!
(Guerrilla Ed, Parts 1-3)

Drag queen story time and inappropriate sex education classes are not the only things wrong with our education system.

Awake people, or those who are in search of the truth, always ask: “I’m awake, but what can I DO?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Rescuing your children from the state indoctrination centres (AKA schools) is the most effective act of peaceful non-compliance that a man or woman can do.

Going on marches, watching alt media and even writing to your MP hasn’t changed anything.

This FREE 3-part course will answer all of your questions and provide you with a complete training in ‘how-to’ Home Educate your children.

“Rescue your children” normally takes place in January, April and August each year, with the occasional bonus edition if the “government” whacks up the tyranny!

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Rescue your children

Guerrilla Ed Memberships

Guerrilla Ed Memberships include a comprehensive training for parents who wish to Home Educate to a professional standard.

Live GE Training and the 3000+ pre-recorded video lessons include modules in;
Organisation and Curriculum
Excellence and ‘The Authorities’
Cursive (Handwriting)
Critical Thinking
Speech and Drama
REAL Science
Maths MUSTS!
Capturing Creative Confidence

Membership includes:
24/7 access to over 3,000 training videos plus Guerrilla Ed LIVE training, quarterly, full-day Guerrilla Ed Workshops, sporadic GE YOUTH Lectures and our weekly accountability meeting; Truth-Talk Thursday.

Plus access to our Sheeple-Free Community of ‘Guerrilla Edders’

Guerrilla Ed Memberships