Home Education from A-Z

Learn how to teach your children at home; confidently, consistently, and with a fully qualified professional to guide you




Home Education from A-Z (for Busy Parents)

“Education not indoctrination!”

Things have been going wrong in our education system for a very, very long time. Schools are now little more than indoctrination centres where students are taught to comply, memorise, and regurgitate. This is not education.

The solution?
Learn how to teach your children at home, confidently, consistently, and with a fully qualified professional to guide you.

This website has been designed to assist parents in their Home Education Journey, from the very first ‘withdrawal from school’ letter through to co-designing and directing their son/daughter’s academically rigorous, individually tailored, and genuinely engaging curriculum.

Designed by you, for you… yes, BOTH of you.

It will also help with knowledge and understanding of some of the most important academic subjects and valuable – nay vital – skills to enable you to home educate to a professional standard and will guide you to other high quality teaching and learning resources that your son/daughter will need to support their individual specialisms.

From these pages you can access courses in Primary & Secondary Mathematics**, Cursive (Handwriting)**, and of course what I am most known for: Home Education from A to Z.

If you are brand new to the idea of Home Education – also called home-schooling – then please head on over to my Substack pages where you can access my Newsletters, Podcasts and sign-up for Courses & Resources for complete beginners.


**Maths & Cursive will also suit secondary school age children (11-16 years) as a means of private study – that is to say they could access the courses and learn by themselves without adult supervision on a parental-advisory basis!

Home Education from A-Z


  • Home Education Training for busy parents
  • Over 1500+ Teaching Videos (and growing)
  • Get up to speed in as little as 15-minutes per day
  • Primary & Secondary Mathematics
  • Cursive (Handwriting)



We are a nation of mathsphobes and it’s time we put an end to it.

Save yourself a small fortune in private tuition by learning “How to teach MATHS to children.” Dive into why your son/daughter is underachieving in mathematics and learn how to put it right.

Struggle with maths yourself?
No problem.

Anyone can learn maths, anyone.
I’m yet to meet a human whose maths I cannot improve.

Includes video solutions to EVERY. SINGLE. QUESTION.


Learn how to write beautifully and teach it to your children.

Anyone is capable of developing a fluent, legible, and swift technique that will last a lifetime. Your unique style of handwriting is already there, you just require a bit of targeted tuition in order to coax it out.

You do not need any special gift or talent, only a desire to succeed and a willingness to put effort into the practice exercises. Suitable for those aged 6 years and over!