Guerrilla Ed(ucation) FAQ’s


  1. Does it WORK? Will my children receive the best education possible?

Yes, it works because your children won’t have to waste time on ‘nothing-burger’ subjects such as; Geography (Fake Climate BS), Business Studies (it’s never taught by someone who’s actually ever run a successful business, else why would they be a business studies teacher?), Relationships Sex Education (gross!) etc. Your child’s curriculum will be tailored to them like it is supposed to be. Similarly, we know from educational studies that 1-2-1 attention is what makes the biggest difference in successful outcomes for children, specifically: intellectual performance, engagement, intellectual curiosity and happiness.

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  1. How long will it take me to complete the Guerrilla Ed Course?

Guerrilla Ed is a MEMBERSHIP rather than just another course. This isn’t pedantry but an important distinction. 95% of all online courses never get finished. Think about that. It’s a waste. A terrible, terrible waste. That’s why I created a MEMBERSHIP, so that parents, grandparents, teachers, myself and those without children who wish to support other parents in their GE endeavours can come together and make it happen. The Guerrilla Ed Membership includes CORE modules parents/grandparents will all study at their own pace. The average time it takes a parent to study and implement the CORE modules is 6-9 months. After that there are ELECTIVE & BONUS modules which many parents choose to study to sate their child’s particular needs or to further their own knowledge and understanding of real education.

In addition to online CORE and ELECTIVE modules, there is also Guerrilla Ed LIVE which takes place every Tuesday (during term time) as well as weekly accountability sessions every Thursday night at Truth-Talk Thursday (20:00 – 21:30 UK). After the meeting many of us stay behind to relax, blow off steam and talk about all of the things you’re not allowed to talk about on social media! On occasional Saturdays there are full-day Guerrilla Ed Workshops and new for this academic year; Guerrilla Ed YOUTH lectures – which are short, to the point and with an opportunity for Q & A (as always) afterwards!


  1. How will I have time to study the Guerrilla Ed Course, work and educate my children?

The very first module teaches how you can teach your son/daughter to a much better standard than a state school in as little as 2-hours per day. You can also delegate some or all of this learning to another trusted adult. If you, or your nominee, properly focus on what is truly important; impeccable standards in; Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, aRticulation and moRality (The 5R’s), then your child will have excellent foundations in order to be able to study anything their heart desires.

School curricula are spreading children too thin. There are too many subjects, often very badly taught and many of the better subjects attempt to cover FAR too much material… not to mention FALSE and/or deliberately MISLEADING assertions. It leaves young people, unsteady, confused, over-stretched and unable to grasp even the basics. Check out the abysmal standards in SPAG, basic mathematics and manners!

Has to be seen to be believed how ignorant young people now are:


  1. How long does it take to complete Guerrilla Ed Maths?

Mathematics learning is like going to the gym to attain fitness goals, or like practising a musical instrument to take formal examinations, it’s about consistent, rigorous practice of real skills. There’s a great saying in sport, which I have stolen for maths but it also works for martial arts, modern foreign languages and more.

“Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you cannot get it wrong!”

Your maths is done when you are so accomplished that you simply cannot get it wrong. In other words, mastery. No one is going to force you to master anything, however there is a reason that, statistically speaking, people with higher standards in mathematics earn more as adults.

The Smith Review in 2017 evidenced that basic numeracy skills are vital to a person’s future career:

‘… adults with basic numeracy skills earn higher wages and are more likely to be in employment than those who fail to master these skills.’

The Smith Review also found that getting a good GCSE maths grade/level at 16-years of age has a huge impact on future earnings:

‘Individuals who achieve five or more good GCSEs (including English and mathematics) as their highest qualification have a lifetime productivity gain worth around £100,000 compared to those with below level 2 or no qualifications.’

**A ‘good’ GCSE grade used to be a ‘C’ or more, which in real terms is a LEVEL 5 – not level 4 – today. Many institutions lie and try to pass off a ‘4’ as a ‘pass’; in GCSE Mathematics it simply isn’t and it is easily provable using either statistics, samples of exam questions and/or candidate responses. (As a current GCSE Expert Examiner for Mathematics – I should know).

Those who take ‘A’ level maths earn an average of 11% more over their lifetime:

‘It is generally accepted that attaining ‘A’ level mathematics bestows a significant wage premium. The often-cited work by Dolton and Vignoles demonstrated that graduates from 1980 with a mathematics ‘A’ level were earning 7-10 per cent higher wages in their early thirties compared to those who took ‘A’ levels in other subjects, even after controlling for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. A repeat of this work using a later cohort found a return of around 11 per cent.’

Link to The Smith Review:

As ever, Guerrilla Ed places the parent as the director of their child’s curriculum, so it is 100% up to you, when you think your child is ‘done’ learning mathematics. Clearly, you can see why I major on this subject. It isn’t just about which maths topics you learn; it is the generic problem solving and higher-level thinking skills that really count.


  1. How long does it take to complete Guerrilla Ed Cursive (Handwriting)?

Handwriting is a practical skill which generally takes around 300 hours to accomplish and 500 hours to master. That is divided up into circa 90-minutes of pre-recorded tuition, followed by roughly 8.5 hours of practice (drill) or ‘homework’ per lesson.

There are 30 x 90-minute lessons across the Cursive courses; Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced which have circa 8+ hours of practice to accompany each lesson. Students who are tight for time often take these lessons fortnightly instead of weekly to allow them to acquire the physical skill levels required.

There is a masters’ course in the pipeline of 10 x 90-minute lessons with additional exercises to enable those who want to, to become master penmen.


  1. What other subjects will Guerrilla Ed provide for my children?

Guerrilla Ed will teach you to place your children at the very centre of their own curricula. Each child will follow his or her own curriculum in accordance with their talents and interests. I wouldn’t be arrogant enough – unlike other providers of ‘online education’ – to set a curriculum for a child I have never met! What we do differently is train and empower parents to seek out the appropriate learning materials and resources for their children.

If your son is going to be a tennis champion, he’s going to need a champion 1-2-1 tennis coach, NOT a theoretical course in ‘mastering your serve’ delivered by a failed club-level tennis player. Just saying.

That said, we are currently producing courses in Speech & Drama, Critical Thinking, English Grammar and French in addition to the courses already available as part of your membership (Guerrilla Ed, Cursive, Maths, REAL Science, Maths MUSTS!, Creative Confidence and Spelling!) and we are also very open to producing content that is requested by you the members.


  1. I’m concerned that I am not intelligent enough to teach my children, they are already very bright. What should I do?

If you are intelligent enough to read this website and understand its purpose, then you are most certainly good enough to facilitate the development of your children even in areas that are not your specialism. Why? Because parents are a child’s first teachers. You are the ones who taught your children how to feed, clean and dress themselves… and if you’ve taught tying shoe laces, then you very likely have the potential to be an excellent teacher!

Good teachers teach a little and teach it well. They provide their students with just enough tools to enable them to go off and really study something of interest.

Great teachers facilitate learning, ask more questions of their students and place the onus on individuals to go out into the world and study rigorously. Students of great teachers quickly (1-3 years) out-grow and surpass their teacher’s level. This is true of tutors, coaches, mentors and gurus too.

If your students don’t finish up better than you are at your subject, then you are not a great teacher.

Finally, if you really cannot bear to learn physics but your daughter really loves it, there are plenty of excellent private tutors, though they do need a bit of unearthing and there are also some very good online resources that are free to use and adapt. All of which is taught as part of Guerrilla Ed CORE.


  1. My child is ‘x’-years-old, is this suitable for them?

Most resources, including books, that have age labels are entirely arbitrary. At 13-years-old, Dr Jordan B. Peterson, who makes no claims what-so-ever of being a genius, was reading and understanding books that I probably would struggle with today. Labels, targets, levels and grades ought to be used with extreme caution (if at all), they tend to ‘cap’ or ‘limit’ a child (or adult’s) perception of what is possible and as the saying goes;

“If you think you probably can, you are right. If you think you probably can’t, you are also right.”

All Guerrilla Ed resources are aimed at parents of children in the 5-16 years range. Why? Because these are the ‘compulsory schooling’ ages set by the UK government. This policy isn’t based on any science or ‘the welfare of children’. On the contrary, as pointed out in the New Scientist (article: Too much, too young: Should schooling start at age 7?):

“… the English system – which was introduced in 1870 in order to get women back into work, rather than on the basis of any educational benefit to children – is now causing profound damage.”

Link to original article:

Guerrilla Ed teaches parents how to seek out the best resources and educational opportunities for their child. Some children will not be suited to ‘cursive’, others will need a computer guru to teach them advanced coding. Unlike other ‘online school’ providers, we do not pretend to be ‘just right’ for your son or daughter (we don’t know them!)

All of our subject courses are based on real-life teaching and learning experience, have been written by professional teachers, professors and lecturers to an enviable standard and are to be used solely at the discretion of the parent.

As we are chiefly targeting adults and not children, with our memberships, courses, websites, advice and ‘LIVES’, we cannot be regulated by the state, nor be inspected by Ofsted, nor have our ethos of truthful and real-world education meddled with! Even when the monstrous Schools’ Bill goes through, it won’t change a thing for us. That said, we do get RAVE reviews from our Guerrilla Ed YOUTH – young people are accessing our courses every single day and thriving!


  1. How long will I need to pay membership fees for?

As long or as short a time as you deem necessary. Whilst we do not want Guerrilla Ed CORE to be in the 95% of online courses that never get completed and we will do everything we can to support you in making it through, we will not tie anybody in. The memberships are all pay-monthly for that very reason.

Most of our members join because, in the beginning, they are fearful of not providing the best for their children.
Most of our members stay because they have found their TRIBE and a place of life-long learning for the whole family!


  1. How do you keep Guerrilla Ed Sheeple-Free?

I keep my message clear, to the point and ‘highly offensive’ to sheeple so that they don’t ever come near us in the first place. It is very obvious who I am and what I will and won’t stand for. I’m like ‘Marmite’ and that is good.

“Ye shall know them by their fruits.” ~ Matthew 7:16


  1. Will there be fee increases?

No. Never. The monthly membership rate that you join at is yours forever; you keep that until you leave. If, however, you leave and decide to come back in the future, do not be surprised to find that the price has increased as more content is added, knowledge, ideas and experience gained and new opportunities for tribe members present.


  1. Will I have to pay for new courses like ‘bolt-ons’?

No. I cannot bear the admin, I want to teach and you want to learn… I do not wish to have to waste my life bean-counting!

Any courses that are made by Sarah Plumley, or employees/associates of Guerrilla Ed/ – be they freelancers or other – will be made freely available to all members. This goes for LIVE as well as ONLINE courses.

There may be VERY special guest courses by well-known experts in their fields in the future, hosted by Guerrilla Ed/, but every effort will always be made to keep things free for GE members or at least generously discounted.


       13. Do you do ‘FAMILY MEMBERSHIP’ discounts?

Guerrilla Ed Memberships ARE family memberships. Each member of your immediate family (your household) will receive their own login so that everyone’s progress through the courses is saved individually and so that parents have control over what their children have access to. On joining, go to the app and click on Guerrilla Ed and complete the section titled: Start HERE to learn how to go about having user areas created for your family members.


      14. Is it possible to attend Guerrilla Ed events on a pay-as-you-go basis?

No, GE MEMBERSHIPS are strictly ‘in’ or ‘out’. Either REAL education is more valuable to you than a weekly take-away for two (£20 per week), or it isn’t. There is no other UK organisation that is providing anything like this for parents and grandparents of Home Educators.

Here at Guerrilla Ed, we are passionate about excellence; academically, personally, in sport, music, art, in business, finance and in every area of your life and those of your children.

The guest lecturers, teachers and other professionals that deliver LIVE training are of a quality that other organisations can only envy.

Top quality education is something to be invested in. Serious people only, please.


    15. I am not able to attend Tuesday and/or Thursday nights, will there be video replays?

All training nights (Tuesdays) are recorded and uploaded to the Guerrilla Ed LIVE (Replays) section of the online learning application, roughly 24-hours after the events. This enables busy parents/grandparents to catch up on any of the missed training events and lectures that are classed as: Guerrilla Ed LIVES!

Truth-Talk Thursday, however is NOT recorded as this is an accountability meeting where members are on camera discussing their successes and failures, are inviting other members of the group to comment/support/offer advice and are setting action items for the following week. 

It is usually followed by a social, where we say all of the things we are not allowed so say on social media! Not for the faint of heart!!