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Mathematics tutors would quickly become a thing of the past if more people were aware
of this ground-breaking mathematics education resource which is currently the subject of a university study.

Unable to meet demand as a professional maths teacher, tutor, consultant and expert examiner for GCSE (it’s difficult to teach more than 25-30 one-to-ones per week), I long ago decided to put my private tuition online and on video so that my students could have access to an OUTSTANDING Teacher of Mathematics 24/7, 365.

Whether your son or daughter is just starting out, or is hoping to achieve a level 9 (A*) in GCSE Mathematics, this is the place for you.

A half-decent tutor will cost you around £30-£45 per one-to-one class.

Mathematics ONLY (Single User) memberships with me can be purchased for £24.99 per month and you will have instant access to 100+ hours of teaching from a resource that is being added to weekly.
Mathematics FAMILY Memberships, so that each member of your household has their own user area, is £34.99 per month.

You can access my recorded private maths tuition, online; anytime, anywhere.

It’s like having your maths tutor in your pocket!

We’ll even invite you to all LIVE Maths Training Sessions (occasional Tuesday nights) and our full day Mathematics WORKSHOPS (Occasional Saturdays, 3 or more per academic year).

Members have access to replays of live training sessions (including all previous ones) and a brief opportunity to catch up on missed WORKSHOPS.

There is no other resource like it and the video below will prove why 99.9% of all mathematics resources are inappropriate for almost all students!

VIDEO: Sequencing Errors ~ why 99.9% of maths resources are inappropriate for students

“Sequencing Errors in Language Learning and Mathematics” is currently the subject of university level research and will form the thesis for my Master’s degree.



This is the programme for you if you have 5 to 16-year-old children, or if you are looking to get your own level of maths up to GCSE standard (and beyond).

The programme is arranged in a purely logical order so that you won’t ‘fall into the gap’ as you certainly will with ALL other maths education resources, whether they are old-fashioned textbooks or the latest ‘cool’ app!

All teachers, tutors and ‘experts’ in the teaching and learning of mathematics rely on worksheets, textbooks and/or the online versions when teaching – if you find a tutor who makes truly BESPOKE questions for your son/daughter, give them a pay rise and make sure they don’t leave you! (In reality, there are almost NONE of these real teachers left) – the problem with all maths ‘exercises’ is that they do not contain enough how-to examples, nor do they contain enough of the same type of question before ‘moving on’.

Consequently, our young people learn only a tiny bit of each of an enormous range of topics, never developing true competency in any area of mathematics and as a result confidence plummets.

Not anymore.

I’ve done the very hard yards in breaking mathematics learning down into each nano-lesson, so that the 97% of the population who ‘don’t get it’, CAN now GET IT!

The course is arranged in a thoroughly logical order and guides you through each micro skill required for progression.

Every nano-lesson begins with a teaching video (chalk and talk style) and proceeds with a series of IDENTICAL questions, so that one skill at once may be mastered.


Each of the 4,500+ questions on the website comes with answers and VIDEO SOLUTIONS to EVERY Question!


Because when a student gets stuck in maths… there is NEVER a video, or even a written, worked example of the one they got wrong(!)

Not now.

I’ve done the hard work, so that there will be no more tears at maths time!

No matter who you are or where you come from, this programme will develop either YOUR mathematics, your mathematics TEACHING or very likely both.

The feedback we receive would make even a cElEbRiTy blush!  

Furthermore, even though we VERY MUCH hope that you will want to study maths to a much higher level than this; if you complete ALL of the questions in modules N1, A1, S1, and D1, as well as Exam: Number, Algebra, Shape and Data, you will smash GCSE Mathematics, should you wish to take the exams.

EVERY SINGLE EXAM QUESTION (not available anywhere else in the world, as we wrote them ALL in-house!), also has a fully worked though, easy-to-follow video explainer… so no more stressing that you can’t find the video you need to help you!

What’s included?

Everything I produce for Guerrilla Ed Mathematics will be made available to Mathematics Members.
That means that all new maths content, whether new videos or LIVE events will be free of charge to those who have paid their Maths Member monthly fees.
No bolt-ons, no top-up fees and no charges for any upgrades. Ever.
In addition, your monthly membership fee is yours until you leave, it will NEVER increase in price.

Included in Mathematics ONLY Membership is:

  • 4,500+ video tutorials
  • 100+ hours of quality teaching
  • 1000’s of practice questions
  • Video answers to EVERY question
  • Track your progress
  • Primary (Elementary) Maths
  • Secondary & GCSE Maths
  • Free access to Full-Day MATHS WORKSHOPS (LIVE)
  • Free access to One Night Training Courses (Maths)
  • Regular Free Updates
  • BONUS Tests “Maths MUSTS”
  • Unlimited access to videos
  • Includes all future updates
  • Monthly fees
  • Cancel anytime
  • NO fee increases EVER, your membership rate is yours until you leave

Included in Mathematics FAMILY Membership is:

All of the above plus:

  • User Areas for your FAMILY (household)

Take advantage of high-quality INFANT, PRIMARY and SECONDARY (5-16 years) maths learning and exam preparation, from the comfort of your home.

Learn the skills for yourself and teach it to your children, or allow them to teach themselves from the easy-to-follow, no nonsense teaching videos.

ALL 4,500+ questions have been written by a current GCSE Maths examiner, fully qualified professional teacher of Mathematics, and have been scrupulously tested and checked by former grade A and A* ‘A’ Level Mathematicians and above.

Saving parents a small fortune in private tuition fees and at the same time giving you access to over 100 hours with a professional maths teacher.

Thinking of hiring a tutor for maths?  You’ll likely receive a maximum of 30-40 hours of tuition at one hour per week and at a rate of £30 per hour that’s £900 – £1200! Per Year(!)

With my Mathematics Course, you’ll have access to 100+ hours of video tuition for as little as £24.99 a month and you can repeat the exercises and watch the videos as many times as you like, whenever you like.

We also publish new questions, answers and video solutions EVERY WEEK!


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