Guerrilla Ed(ucation)

The difference between learning about something and actually getting it done!


We all have the best of intentions but sometimes stuff just doesn’t get done.
Memberships are a great way to bridge the gap between learning about something and doing it in the real world!

Guerrilla Education is a training, advice and membership service primarily aimed at parents and grandparents. It will teach you how to build a genuinely bespoke curriculum for each individual child and how best to deliver, support and develop that curriculum as the student improves.

Guerrilla Ed brings everything that professional education does well into learning at home and in the great outdoors and crucially cuts out all of the hot air and ‘educational theory’ nonsense that is being pushed both inside and outside of the Government Indoctrination Centres (AKA schools).

Membership content will reduce stress, by helping us to focus on what is truly important and by guiding us through the learning in manageable modules. It will also provide opportunities to check in with your teacher and to get those all important questions answered.

Guerrilla Ed Mission

Guerrilla Ed is a serious grass-roots initiative to educate children to better standards than state “schooling” can even dream of and in an expeditious, efficient and ingenious manner.

As well as excelling in academic subjects, sporting pursuits, arts, music, public speaking and more, our young people are learning to think for themselves, to understand and invoke their inalienable rights and to value and defend real freedom.

We are the living, breathing version of peaceful mass non-compliance and we are growing.


Guerrilla Ed Memberships

GE Membership will provide you with a comprehensive training in Home Educating to a professional standard, from the very first ‘withdrawal from school’ letter, through to designing and directing your son/daughter’s academically rigorous, individually tailored and genuinely engaging curriculum.

When children are truly inspired by something, you don’t have to nag them to study… they do it themselves!!

Membership will grant you access to: 4,000+ training videos accessible 24/7, Tuesday Night GE LIVE Lectures/Training, quarterly full-day GE Workshops (Saturdays), sporadic GE YOUTH Lectures (Saturday mornings) and our weekly accountability meeting: Truth-Talk Thursday.

All Tuesday Night GE Live Lectures/Trainings and GE YOUTH Lectures are recorded and accessible as in-app REPLAYS in case you can’t always make it live and you will also have full access to ALL PREVIOUS Lectures/Training nights, going back to August 2022.

Plus: access to our Sheeple-Free Clan of ‘Guerrilla Edders’.

Our private group on MeWe where genuine free speech, free thought and freedom of expression still exists.

All pre-recorded membership content is accessible via our private learning application (The GE APP).
Each GE membership comes with individual access for all members of your immediate household to our exclusive, private learning application:

Our app comes with 24/7 access to: ‘Guerrilla Ed’,Mathematics’, ‘Cursive’, ‘REAL Science’, ‘Spelling’, ‘Maths MUSTS!’, ‘Capturing Creative Confidence’,Speech & Drama’ (Hilary 2024) and ‘Critical Thinking’ (Trinity 2024).

English Grammar’ and ‘French for beginners’ are currently in development.

With additional content, subjects, courses and videos being added all the time

The Guerrilla Ed (How to Home-Ed like a PRO) Modules include: Organisation & Curriculum, Excellence & The “Authorities”, Literacy, Numeracy, Writing, Articulation and much, much more!

Guerrilla Ed CORE Modules

GE has both CORE and ELECTIVE modules in addition to the LIVE training sessions.
This is work for parents and grandparents to complete.
Here are some of the contents of the CORE Modules that everyone is encouraged to study.

– Gorilla TIME!
– Co-creating your Child’s Curriculum
– De-registering from “Schooling”
– Organising your Child’s Education
– Sourcing appropriate learning materials
– Dealing with the Local “authorities”
– Report Writing for the EHE (Local “authorities”)
– Child Care Solutions
– Magic 4M’s
– Excellence
– Reading
– Spelling
– Comprehension
– Grammar
– Numeracy
– Barriers to Learning
– Square Numbers
– Negative Numbers
– Real World Maths
– Power of Writing
– Letters & Journals
– Why Articulation Matters
– Embarrassment
– Voice: Skills & Drills
– GE and “The Law”
And much, much more!

Guerrilla Ed LIVE Training

GE LIVES take place on TUESDAY evenings and whilst it is preferred that you attend LIVE, these sessions are recorded and are made available to members under: GE LIVE (replays) via our exclusive, private learning application.

Training is aimed at parents and is a mixture of fascinating subjects, such as Professor Gloria Moss’s ‘Critical Thinking Applied to the Site of the Dead Sea Scrolls’ as well as practical sessions such as ‘Dealing with the Elective Home Education Officers’, ‘Why You SUCK at Maths’ and ‘Gardening from Seed’ with Karen Lowman.

Roughly two Tuesdays per month Sarah Plumley delivers the lecture/training and the other two Tuesday lectures are given by guest speakers, professors, doctors, experts, authors and teachers. Sometimes these sessions are dedicated to helping us to teach things to our children, however most of the time, these sessions are purely to develop parents and grandparents.

Topics for Hilary Term 2024 include;

“7 Disciplines of Education” ~ Sarah Plumley
What could an award-winning professional teacher and examiner who’s taught thousands of students across different age ranges and types of school over many years, possibly know about the critical disciplines of education?!

“GE YOUTH CREATIVE” ~ The Secret Art Professor
In this interactive, Saturday morning, GE Youth lecture, an outstanding art professor from an elite UK university delivers a master class in creativity… no, we won’t be doing potato prints!

“Solving Algebra!” ~ Sarah Plumley
Why parents and children alike ‘don’t get it’ and how to put that right from THE VERY BEGINNING!

Sheeple-Free Clan of ‘Guerrilla Edders’

Join our thriving community of Guerrilla Edders (strictly no-sheeple allowed!)
Our MeWe private members’ area is truly a place of free-speech, no bots nor trolls and no manipulative algorithms.

Here, GE members chat live with one another exchanging advice and high-quality resources, blowing off steam and sharing their true thoughts and feelings without the threat of censorship, bans and over-zealous ‘moderators’.
There are no FAKE ‘fact-checkers’ in this clan!

All members can and are encouraged to post in the group and to take advantage of the live and private chat features.

Truth-Talk Thursdays

By far and away, this is our most popular activity of the week.

Guerrilla Edders gather together to share their thoughts, successes, failures, hopes and fears in a private (never recorded) meeting with me, Sarah Plumley.

This is where we hold each other accountable and set meaningful action items related to life, work, health, sport and/or education for the forthcoming week.

After the formal meeting concludes, (usually circa 21:30 UK), many members stay on for a free-for-all, no-holds-barred social about anything and everything.

[NOT for the faint of heart!]

Private Learning Application

Each time I write a new course or invite a specially chosen individual to create one for me, I add it free-of-charge to all GE Member User Areas.

So, there are never any add-ons, bolt-ons or top-ups to worry about.

Everything is included in your monthly GE Membership fee which will NEVER INCREASE (unless you leave and come back!)

The monthly fee you join with is yours until you leave.


We are a nation of mathsphobes and it’s time we put an end to it.

Save yourself a small fortune in private tuition by learning “How to teach MATHS to children.” Dive into why your son/daughter is underachieving in mathematics and learn how to put it right.

Struggle with maths yourself?
No problem.

Anyone can learn maths, anyone.
I’m yet to meet a human whose maths I cannot improve.

My platform includes video solutions to EVERY. SINGLE. QUESTION.


I have broken maths for both primary and secondary age children (7-16 years) down in such as way as to achieve MAXIMUM confidence, enjoyment and achievement.

My unique system has been a labour of love for over ten years, is on-going, and combines my insider knowledge of State, Grammar and Private Schools as well as the country’s leading exam board for mathematics GCSE.

My online courses and famous GE Maths WORKSHOPS stun parents and forever change the learning of mathematics in the eyes of both parents and children.

I literally cannot WAIT to share this with you.

I repeat my GE Maths FULL-DAY Workshop 2-3 times per year and it is, of course, free-of-charge to GE Members.


Cursive (Handwriting)

Learn how to write beautifully and teach it to, or learn it with,  your children.

Anyone is capable of developing a fluent, legible, and swift technique that will last a lifetime. Your unique style of handwriting is already there, you just require a bit of targeted tuition in order to coax it out.

You do not need any special gift or talent, only a desire to succeed and a willingness to put effort into the practice exercises.

Suitable for those aged 6 years and over!

The state of the nation’s handwriting has never been worse, it is so bad that anyone with a brain cell on active duty would think that there was an agenda behind it…

Is there a reason why The Powers That Shouldn’t Be might not want young people to be able to communicate with one another offline?

Whatever the truth of the matter, we MUST NOT allow our children to lose the ability to draw, paint and write beautifully by hand.

These three courses:

– Beginner
– Intermediate
– Advanced

**Master-Penman course to follow

Will develop any student of pen-wielding age.

Like the extraordinary Manchester United, Real Madrid and England footballer David Beckham once said: “My secret’s practice.”

I used to have the worst handwriting in my class, it plagued me all the way through high school until I later took private lessons.

My handwriting teacher used to say to me:

Repetition is the mother of all learning; most students say that they want to write like this or like that, they say they really want it but are not prepared to put the effort into it. You will put the effort in and you will succeed.”

Judging by the number of positive comments I receive about my script these days; I now know that he was right. Thank you, sir!

More than looking elegant, I think cursive is about to become a highly valued skill as more and more people realise the ‘digital trap’ that has separated us from our natural, creative selves. There are fewer and fewer people with legible handwriting since the invention of the computer keyboard and I think humanity is weaker for it.

Also includes FREE access to my GE Handwriting FULL-DAY Workshop.

Speech & Drama
(Due for release in 2024)

The nation’s children are having terrible diction problems, rendering the vast majority inarticulate, unsociable grunters who prefer to stare at screens than to interact with other humans.

Over the past decade, opportunities to perform in a play or an assembly, or perhaps give a speech, have been systematically eroded.

The Powers That Shouldn’t Be do not want young people to learn to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ – it doesn’t suit their agenda.

The muzzletards (Branch COVIDians) were so many in number because a large percentage of people lacked the moral courage and the ability to effectively ARTICULATE why they would not be complying with tyranny.

Learning to ‘have courage’, ‘take the space’ and ‘own one’s words’, is not something that is going to be learned on a SMART device.

So, get your children up off of their assess and set to it!

Drama Now > Drama Later


Critical Thinking
(Due for release in 2024)

The complete lack of these vital skills was evidently on display in the years 2020-2022 (ongoing), during the ‘pLandemic’.

The number of adults who had clearly lost all capacity to reason and use logic was staggering.

Why is almost everybody so stupid?

Because Critical Thinking is not taught in schools, colleges or universities.

TPTSB don’t want that, it doesn’t help them out at all.

As the great George Carlin put it:

“They want obedient workers – obedient workers – people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs, with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of over-time and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.”

This course of study will encourage students to utilise the; who, where, what, when and why before they even consider looking at the content of a source material.

Students will learn how to surgically take apart state propaganda – such as Newsround – that is aimed at children.

Perfecting DAPPS; Date, Author, Purpose, Primary or Secondary Sources, just like how the study of history used to be taught!

Had enough of having your life run by tyrants?

Me too.
I’m so sick of it, I have been compelled to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
For too long I’ve been trying to raise awareness and spread the word but it is not enough.
My solution?


Your child can either be educated or ‘schooled’ and these things are mutually exclusive.


I support parents and grandparents in their home education endeavours because the answer to

“How do we the people put down tyranny, peacefully?”

is right there living with you, in your homes, right now. YOUR children are our future hope for the restoration of freedom, justice and knowledge.

You people, with little ones in your homes right now, have THE MOST important and wonderful part to play in The Great Awakening.
It will be your children who say ‘no’ and put a stop to tyranny everywhere and peacefully.

The answer to 1984 isn’t 1776, the answer to 1984 is:


How to join Guerrilla Ed(ucation)

It’s a simple IN or OUT choice…

Everything that I produce or deliver (even if it’s a new LIVE training, online course or workshop) is 100% INCLUDED in your Guerrilla Ed Membership.

There are no cheesy ‘upsells’, ‘add-ons’, ‘bolt-ons’ or any other crappy corporate BS tricks!

Membership gets you ‘Access All Areas’ for a monthly fee that will NEVER increase so long as your membership is in good standing.

You may request additional logins to the online learning application for the members of your immediate family, free of charge, enabling you to keep track of your individual progress and to access different resources and training simultaneously.

As Guerrilla Ed members are the best of the best; parents, grandparents and children out there we could, quite frankly, charge a fortune for the benefit of being alongside such a great membership alone.

Our members are AMAZING people; genuine men, women and children who are in pursuit of truth, excellence and fellowship.

However, we are deeply invested in recruiting more wonderful people to our Guerrilla Ed Clan because more high-quality members, means more opportunities for playdates, information exchange, sharing of resources, expertise and can you imagine what it would be like to go on a Guerrilla Ed Field Trip? (Organised on an ad-hoc, Guerrilla-Style basis, of course!)

So, for the price of one hour per week with an inadequate maths tutor, you and your family can benefit from the Guerrilla Ed Membership Experience.

Here’s a re-cap of what’s included:

Guerrilla Ed (LIVE) Lectures/Training

Guerrilla Ed YOUTH Lectures (LIVE)

Guerrilla Ed Full-Day Workshops (LIVE)

Truth-Talk Thursday (LIVE)

Free Access-All-Areas of my Substack

Free access to ALL One-Night LIVE Courses

Free access to ALL future online Courses

Guerrilla Ed (Online)

Cursive (Online)

Mathematics (Online)

REAL Science (Online)

Spelling (Online)

Maths MUSTS! (Online)

Capturing Creative Confidence (Online)

Coming Hilary 2024: Speech & Drama (Online)

Coming Trinity 2024: Critical Thinking (Online)

Sheeple-Free Home Ed Group (MeWe)

Multiple logins for members of your immediate family

Unlimited access to videos

Includes all future updates

Monthly fees

Cancel anytime

NO fee increases EVER

Your membership rate is yours until you leave

Right Now You Have Two Options

Number one: is to sit by and allow the tyrants to indoctrinate your children whilst you pretend there is ‘nothing you can do because reasons’.

Number two: is to TAKE ACTION!

Nobody is coming to save you

You have to SAVE YOURSELF!

With Guerrilla Ed, you won’t have to go it alone.

But I should tell you: there are no refunds.

This is an extremely high-quality programme, and it delivers everything I am describing and then some. The only reason someone would want a refund
is if she isn’t using it – and if you don’t intend to use it, I urge you not to join.

Serious people only, please…


Guerilla Ed is about how to live and thrive –
personally, professionally, financially, educationally, and in plenty
of other ways, too – in a hostile world.

There is nothing else like it.

We have to do this.

This is how to find freedom in an unfree world – for you, your children,
and your grandchildren.

Membership fees, for the whole family unit, work out at approximately £26.50 per week, billed monthly. (The price of 1-hour per week, for one child, with a dodgy maths tutor).

Your monthly fee will NEVER go up, no matter how much content we add, so long as your account is in good standing.

Whilst we prefer that new families join us after attending RESCUE YOUR CHIDREN in either; January, April or August, memberships can be purchased anytime via the ‘JOIN GUERRILLA ED’ link, below.

Generous discounts are available for those who attend our
Rescue your Children.

(Check out the RESCUE YOUR CHILDREN tab for the dates of the next course).

Be a part of it.

Join Guerrilla eD