Live Courses

My LIVE courses MATHS WORKOUT and WRITE CURSIVE are well patronised,
so I decided to put them online to reach a larger audience.

Not everyone can make it to MATHS WORKOUT, but now you can access my courses online; anytime, anywhere.


Maths made easy

This is the course for you if you have 7-16-year-old children, or if you are looking to get your own level of maths up to GCSE standard (and beyond).

The course is arranged in a logical order and I urge you to learn in sequence: Prep 1-4, Number, Algebra, Shape then Data! If you complete all of the questions in NASD, twice over if you can, you will smash GCSE Mathematics, should you wish to take the exams. EVERY SINGLE QUESTION has a fully worked though, easy to follow video explainer… so no more stressing that you can’t find the video you need to help you!

If you have primary aged children then I recommend you sign up to the next live MATHS WORKOUT course before attempting the online version. You can do that here (please check back if none are currently available):

Cursive (Handwriting)

Learn how to write beautifully.

This is actually three Cursive Courses combined: Beginners’, Intermediate and Advanced. It will take you from complete novice to a competent and confident penman. Each lesson takes around 90-minutes plus 90-minutes of weekly HOMEWORK and each course has 10+ lessons (3 x 10 = 30 lessons @ 90′ each is circa 50 hours of high-quality handwriting tuition).

During the course you will develop; consistency, style and fluency.

It’s up to you, but if you would prefer LIVE classes, then here is the link (please check back if none are currently available):

Full Course Details

Take advantage of high-quality PRIMARY and SECONDARY (7-16 years) maths learning and exam preparation, from the comfort of your home.

Learn the skills for yourself and teach it to your children, or allow them to teach themselves from the easy-to-follow, no nonsense teaching videos.

ALL 1500+ questions have been written by a current GCSE Maths examiner, fully qualified professional teacher of Mathematics, and have been scrupulously tested and checked by former grade A and A* ‘A’ Level Mathematicians and above.

Saving parents a small fortune in private tuition fees and at the same time giving you access to over 70 hours with a professional maths teacher.

Thinking of hiring a tutor for maths?  You’ll likely receive a maximum of 30-40 hours of tuition at one hour per week and at a rate of £30 per hour that’s £900 – £1200! Per Year(!) With my Mathematics Course, you’ll have access to 70+ hours of new learning for as little as £11.99 a month and you can repeat the exercises and watch the videos as many times as you like, whenever you like. #dothemaths



Learn how to write beautifully and teach it to your children.

In 3 x 10+ lesson Courses: Beginners’, Intermediate and Advanced I will facilitate the transformation of your handwriting. Anyone is capable of developing a fluent, legible, and swift technique that will last a lifetime. Your unique style of handwriting is already there, you just require a bit of targeted tuition in order to coax it out.

You do not need any special gift or talent, only a desire to succeed and a willingness to put effort into the practice exercises.

Like the extraordinary Manchester United, Real Madrid and England footballer David Beckham once said: “My secret’s practice.”

I used to have the worst handwriting in my class, it plagued me all the way through high school until I later took private lessons.

My handwriting teacher used to say to me:
Repetition is the mother of all learning; most students say that they want to write like this or like that, they say they really want it but are not prepared to put the effort into it. You will put the effort in and you will succeed.”

Judging by the number of positive comments I receive about my script these days; I now know that he was right. Thank you, sir!

More than looking elegant, I think cursive is about to become a highly valued skill as more and more people realise the ‘digital trap’ that has separated us from our natural, creative selves. There are fewer and fewer people with legible handwriting since the invention of the computer keyboard and I think humanity is weaker for it.

So, what are you waiting for? A written invitation? 😉
Take the plunge and allow me to help you realise your best handwriting!

Each class takes around 90 minutes plus 90 minutes of practise and there are 10+ classes in each of the three courses. If you do it well, it will take you around 35 weeks to complete and you can of course repeat the lessons and watch the videos as many times as you choose.

*A specialised paper document for you to print out is provided, these are your training lines (a bit like stabilizers on a bike!) You will also need a fountain (ink) pen, or a good quality rollerball will do – no biros please!