Honorary Memberships

Honorary Memberships are lifetime Guerrilla Ed Memberships for those members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help both the Guerrilla Ed Staff and fellow members.

Once per term (Michaelmas, Hilary & Trinity) a new Honorary Membership is awarded to a deserving existing full Guerrilla Ed member.

Michaelmas 2023

Mr. Daryl Cartley is Guerrilla Ed’s first ever Honorary Member and he has been granted this first award for the outstanding contribution that he has made to the smooth flow of GE information, during LIVES, via our online private members group and especially during the Rescue your children courses.

Daryl lives in Suffolk with his wife and young daughter and has always had a healthy distrust with the UK schooling system from a very early age. He never accepted the “official narrative” of 9/11 and this was a catalyst that led him
to look into many other topics, essentially he realised almost everything we are taught in that system is riddled with lies.

There’s a lot of fear, despair and terrible teaching practises which go on outside of that system also, and he was faced with the proverbial wilderness of home education, if he ever decided to remove his daughter from state schooling.
That was until he learned about Sarah Plumley and her Guerrilla Ed solution to Home Education.

It truly puts the power back into your hands as parents which is where it should be for your children.